Chef Roble on Reality TV: “A big, fat commercial for your company”

Chef Roble on Reality TV: “A big, fat commercial for your company”

Chef Roble Ali, the star of Bravo TV’s Chef Roble & Co., recently described  reality tv as “a big, fat commercial for your company,” in an interview he did with Media Bistro.

Used effectively, reality tv can be an excellent PR tool for promoting your business and/or personal brand. A lot of people still dismiss the genre as a platform for people behaving badly, but over the last 10 years reality TV has helped launch, enhance or restart the careers of some of today’s top influencers like Lauren Conrad (The Hills), Bethenny Frankel (RHONY), Michael Kors (Project Runway), Kandi Burress (RHOA), Jennifer Lopez (American Idol) and Jeff Lewis (Flipping Out) just to name a few.

Watch Roble’s interview with Media Bistro:

  • Christina Burton

    I agree, but to a level: I think that ALL reality TV shows are manipulatively marketing products (or a lifestyle), not just the ones with these particular “influencers. RHOA influences fashion. American Idol has helped curb unlawful Internet downloading and increased YouTube viewership by multiple millions. I bet that even those home-buying/DIY/small business-following shows helped boost sales for at least one consumer item, ultimately taking some pressure of a stressed housing market.

    • MissSuccess

      I agree.

  • imperfctconcept

    He is very truthful. When done right it takes your brand to new heights. Brings in new customers to your brand. Not all reality is bad. There are some shows I learned so much from. Who thought I would take notes during tv like its a documentary.