Podcast: Done is STILL Better Than Perfect (Anniversary Episode)

Podcast: Done is STILL Better Than Perfect (Anniversary Episode)

It’s our anniversary!!! Yes, that’s right. Today, the Hashtags and Stilettos podcast turns one! It all started a year ago with my first episode “Done is Better Than Perfect,” so it’s only right that I talk about why that mantra still and will always apply to our lives and how we can apply it.

On this episode, I also make a confession about the times over the last year when I lost sight of the “Done is Better Than Perfect” mantra and missed out on opportunities and I share how I will avoid doing so in the future. I also talk a little bit about the myth of perfection.

Listen to Episode 29: 


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  • Great episode Sakita, I listen to this episode about 5 times now. Done is still better than perfect, what a statement. Thank you for sharing your journey of year #1.

    • MissSuccess

      Thank you so, so much!!!