Dream Water: An Elixir for Insomniacs

Dream Water: An Elixir for Insomniacs

dream water

I get very little sleep.

And even when I’m dead tired and want to pass out it’s always a challenge, so I was intrigued when I discovered Dream Water.

Admittedly, I was excited that a product to combat my insomnia problem existed, but I was still very skeptical so when my one-week supply arrived in the mail I promptly pushed it all the way to the back of my fridge.

Out of sight. Out of mind.

…until I got sleepy again.

It was about 2 or 3am after a late night work session and I REALLY wanted to go to sleep. So I gave into my curiosity and sleep deprivation and drank 1/2 a shot of the PineapplePM flavored Dream Water.

I went and got back in the bed. And then the strangest thing happened: within minutes, my mind stopped racing and I felt more relaxed. And eventually I did go to sleep.

Over the next few days, I would try the other two flavors of Dream Water (Snoozeberry is my fave) whenever I needed an extra nudge to get to sleep.

Verdict? Drinking Dream Water works. However, I don’t think I’m ready to add it to my daily routine just yet, but it will definitely make for a great travel companion on long flights when the last thing you want to be is…awake.

Would you try it?




  • Deej

    I’m pretty sure I will now. I take your word for it!

    • MissSuccess


  • Ivan

    Hi Sakita, I also get very little sleep and Dream Water helped me in many occasions. I want to share the new packaging with you. Great review!!

    • MissSuccess

      Just emailed you Ivan. Thanks!

  • L.

    What?! This sounds pretty interesting. I may have to get some for my boyfriend who tends to have trouble sleeping from time to time. Me on the other hand, the moment I close my eyes.. I’m KNOCKED. Wished they had some type of elixir to help wake people up faster. Where can one get this Dream Water?!

    TheNativeNewYawker.com / PartyOverHair.com

    • MissSuccess

      I believe you can get them at CVS or Duane Reade. But check their site (drinkdreamwater.com) to be sure. I also think you’ll be able to get a free shot (sample) from there as well.