10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

10 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

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The beauty of studying successful entrepreneurs is that you can learn what took them 30, 40 and sometimes 50 years to learn in a matter of hours. And no matter what industry you’re focused on, you can always find that common thread that links everyone together.

So even when you think business owners like Jack DorseySheila Johnson and Damone Roberts are worlds apart based on the businesses that they’ve built , you’ll find that they all share at least one or more of the following attributes.

1. Passionately curious

Most entrepreneurs have an insatiable appetite for information about their field and related industries because they are always searching for that tiny nuance or lingering question that could lead to their next big break.

2. Have a great team

No self-made man ever got that way on his own, which is why most successful people in business surround themselves with individuals that are often more intelligent and capable than they are. Oh, and then they delegate which is a huge reason why it seems like they are able to do it all.

3. The right to be wrong

They say that the fastest way to get to success is to experience your fair share of failures. Because if you’re not failing then that means you’re not taking any risks.

4. Laser-like vision and focus

The most revered business owners are known for sticking to their plan no matter what is happening around them. When the proverbial blinders are on, no industry change or economic volatility can deter them.

5. Audacity

If you have an idea that has been labeled as “crazy” or “would never work,” chances are you might have a hit business on your hands. Most of the craziest ideas of the last decade have gone on to change human behavior (social media) and birth new channels of commerce (Square). Steve Jobs said it best, “be foolish.”

6. Relentless pursuit

How many times you get back up after being knocked down is a good indicator of how far you’ll make it in the world, because you simply cannot beat the person who refuses to give up. Some of the most successful people in the world would not be where they are today if they had given up after hearing “no,” for the first time.

7. Authenticity

When someone is following their dreams and working on their passion, there is a seamless alignment and believability to anything they say or sell. The advent of digital media makes every industry just a little bit more transparent. So when a business owner enters a partnership or endorsement for the instant gratification or paycheck, it becomes obvious right away.

8. Strong work ethic

Long hours, lack of sleep and forgetting to eat are worn as badges of honor in many business circles, especially in growing start-ups. And as marketing executive Steve Stoute once said, “if you want to get to the top, you have to fall in love with the pain of hard work.”

9. Deep industry knowledge

Most successful entrepreneurs are walking encyclopedias for their industry. They know who all the movers and shakers are and the major developments that shaped their craft. You’ll never be able to tell them more than they already know.

10. Great sacrifice

The key to great success is being able to sacrifice who you are in the moment for who you want to become. What are you willing to sacrifice?