3 Things Jumping Double Dutch Taught Me About Taking Risks

3 Things Jumping Double Dutch Taught Me About Taking Risks

When I was growing up, we played double dutch with two long pieces of thick white cable cord.

The ends of the cord were usually cut off leaving the sharp wires exposed, so getting whipped across your face, arms or legs by a rogue cord was an imminent threat. I honestly think I still have welts from my childhood after getting caught in the path of a loose cord.

Like life, learning how to jump double dutch presented many challenges. But it also provided a good education on how to deal with taking risks.


Here are three things I learned about making tough decisions from jumping double dutch:

Just Jump In.
It takes a double dutch newbie forever to jump into the ropes. They stand on one end, close to the rope turner teetering back and forthback and forth, and back and forth for what seems like an eternity. They are waiting for the ropes to part just so, allowing them to skip freely into the game without getting tangled up in either the rope or the turner’s arm. But there is no perfect moment. Just jump in. When you’ve made your mind up about a decision or major transition. Jump. The easiest way to ease your anxiety is action. So get started!

Find Your Rhythm.
Once inside the ropes, maintaining a consistent pace is key. You and both rope turners need to be in sync at all times. In real life, this can translate into choosing the right team and selecting the right pace. Keep people in your corner that share your vision and mirror your passion. Make sure everyone involved is on the same page. Do the things that work best for you and your team and you will succeed. Don’t get distracted by the one trick ponies…do you.

Practice Makes Perfect.
Part time effort yields part time results. So whether you’re enjoying a game of double dutch or risking it all by changing careers, keep practicing. Commit to your decisions and hone your skills. Even if the going is slow (at first) you are still advancing in the right direction.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest