5 Ways to Integrate iMeet Into Your Next PR Strategy

5 Ways to Integrate iMeet Into Your Next PR Strategy

After talking about how iMeet is shifting the way brands think about community engagement, I immediately thought of several ways PR professionals could use the service to get a greater return on their media outreach and social connections.

Here are five:

1. Targeted press announcements

Because of the 15-person per room limit, iMeet would be a great way to have a mini press conference if you ever plan on releasing information to select media outlets before your news is made public.

2. Blogger/journo meet ups

Invite bloggers and journos that aren’t local to your business/brand to a virtual meet up.

3. Customer service/FAQ

You can leave your iMeet room open in your browser all day, so setting up a team of people to respond to consumer or journo questions about your client’s product or service seems like a no-brainer.

4. Roundtable discussions

In addition to doing a monthly chat on Twitter, maybe your client-CEO can sign on for a one hour roundtable discussion about the brand or an industry trend. Invite other influencers or industry leaders and you’ve got yourself a good time.

5. Celebrity contests

I wouldn’t be surprised to see digitally savvy celebs like Shaquille O’Neal, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Will I. Am, or Justin Beiber reward their most loyal fans with an intimate virtual video chat.


Can you think of any other creative uses for iMeet? Always open to suggestions.