Be Useful

Be Useful

If you can’t be used, then you’re useless.

Using someone usually has a negative connotation, but the aforementioned concept actually makes a lot of sense.

Naturally, you and I are consumers.

We use money to pay people for specific experiences. We use the people we follow on Twitter and other social networks for various reasons. We tap into our professional networks all the time to obtain jobs, access, funding, etc. We use the people in our personal lives for companionship, moral support or just a good time.

Consumption (or use) should be a two-way process. An action and a reaction. Give and take.

Takers survive for a limited time only. Once people discover that you’re not adding any value to the equation, they bail. Takers lose friends, money and miss out on opportunities that depend on an even exchange.

Being used is different than feeling used. Being used implies that you are useful.

“Be Useful”

Don’t adopt the poverty mentality. Give without thoughts of reciprocity. Instead of reaching out to people when you need something, reach out to them to see if they could use your assistance. Everyday is an opportunity to discover new ways to add value to your relationships.

But the choice is yours… you can either be useful or useless.