From Vodka to H2o? Diddy Invests in AquaHydrate Water Co. [Updated]

From Vodka to H2o? Diddy Invests in AquaHydrate Water Co. [Updated]

Aqua Hydrate Water Diddy
Does Diddy have an endorsement deal with AquaHydrate water?

Updated 2/27/13: 

Today, Diddy and Mark Wahlberg officially announced the launch of AquaHydrate in the United States. I reported on this back in January when I started seeing Diddy tweet about the water. I knew that those seemingly innocent tweets were a strategic way to start plugging his new investment.

And, it looks like I was right:

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Yesterday, Diddy tweeted about AquaHydrate, which he described as the best water in the world before telling us where we could buy our own:



At first glance, I thought “hmm” and made a mental note of the mention. I also thought that it could have just been a one-off post-workout tweet for a new brand of water that he discovered. That is, until he tweeted this:


Now why on earth would he feel the need to tell over 9 million people about the brand’s product placement in Glee if he didn’t have a direct relationship with the company. 

So, I did a quick bit of research and discovered that he does in fact own a 20 percent stake in the AquaHydrate brand.

According to Deal Journal Australia, Combs along with Mark Wahlberg invested in the water company last Summer and were working together to get distribution in Australia and other Asian markets.

Deal Journal also reports that AquaHydrate, which traces its roots back to Utah in the early 1990s, already sells in the U.S. via retailers such as Walgreens, but plans to use the influence of Combs and Wahlberg to make a bigger splash here this Spring (which further explains those timely tweets).

With the commercial success of Ciroc, it was widely reported that Combs had been exploring the idea of creating a new Tequila brand, but those rumors fell flat. And I suspect that once the deal with AquaHydrate was placed on the table, it seemed like a more viable business venture (at least for now).

And honestly, I think it fits perfectly as the next phase of his elaborate lifestyle brand/world domination plan (more on that here). 

Wouldn’t it be a major coup if AquaHydrate started showing up not only in Glee but also alongside Ciroc bottle service on the club scene?

Only time will reveal whether or not this will turn out to be a successful business, but so far it’s looking like another strategic move by Mr. Combs.

Well played, sir.