Sean Combs (@IAmDiddy) on the Art of Building a Lifestyle Brand

Sean Combs (@IAmDiddy) on the Art of Building a Lifestyle Brand

Lifestyle brands are ubiquitous and impact or influence what I’ve deemed as the five most important lifestyle zonesLive, Work, Play, Travel and Indulge.

In an interview about his “Rat Pack” inspired commercials for Ciroc Vodka, entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs expertly broke down how he plans to occupy all five of those zones:

“My dream was that you would wake up in the morning, your alarm would go off, one of my records would be playing. You’d get in the shower and use my shampoo. Then you would get out and use the beauty products. You’d get dressed and put on Sean John [clothing], and then you would go to work. And after work, you would go and change into your evening wear to go out to a club or out on a date and you’d put on Sean John again, spray on another of my fragrances, stop by and have a drink of Ciroc. And then maybe take your young lady out to a movie that I was starring in.” – Sean “Diddy” Combs

1999 Forbes Cover
Sean Combs with Jerry Seinfeld on the cover of Forbes in 1999


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