Initial Thoughts on Instagram Video

Initial Thoughts on Instagram Video

A few days ago Instagram launched video on its platform. Here are my initial thoughts: 

Will Instagram Video Kill Vine (the micro-video app Twitter launched in January)? 

Vine was just beginning to pick up steam with consumers, but now that Instagram has launched its video feature, I believe that many will delete or stop using the Vine app altogether.

As for brand managers, I don’t think they will be so quick to drop Vine. In fact, they may find compelling reasons and opportunities to use both.

Seamless Integration

When social networks (like Facebook which acquired Instagram earlier this year) launch new features, they are often met with some form of backlash because the changes disrupt how users interact with the platform. But in the case of Instagram video, I’ve seen no such complaints.

I was actually in a bit of shock after testing out the new feature because it was a beautiful, seamless integration. Initially some people had trouble figuring out how to get volume on their Instavids, but other than that everything worked smoothly.

What does it mean for brands and bloggers?

More opportunities to build brand equity and an emotional connection between consumers and brands/bloggers.

Video on Instagram also means increased opportunities for bloggers to monetize the content they create. Which is a huge deal. (I imagined that Leandra Medine’s manic first Instavid was a display of excitement about all of the money she’ll make with this new feature).

New York Fashion Week (September 2013)

I’m glad that Instagram launched video before fashion week, as I think that is when we’ll see a ton of creative uses for this feature.

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