Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Protect Your Edges

Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil to Protect Your Edges

The war on my hairline has finally met its match in Sunny Isle’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

Daily manipulation, excessive styling, heat and too-tight braids and ponytails have all done a number on my natural hairline and I noticed that on one side of my head there was a small area where my edges had started to thin to the point that you could visibly see my scalp.

To solve the problem, my best friend suggested that I try Jamaican Black Castor Oil even though she had only heard about the benefits, but, had never actually tried it for herself.

So I did a bit of research and started to see a number of before and after photos. Like this one on the Sunny Isle website: 

before and after jbco
Credit: Sunny Isle Website

If you do a quick search, you’ll find more images like this that show drastic improvements on hair growth from using JBCO. Once I saw that almost everyone that used the product experienced favorable results, I went on and purchased my own bottle.

jamaican black castor oil review

Turns out, I ended up purchasing my JBCO at the PERFECT time as I was getting ready to have my hair braided up for the entire summer; adding even more stress to my edges.

Fast forward to the the end of August, when I took my braids out.

It was about 3 months after I began using JBCO on my scalp and edges, and even though I didn’t use it daily, it WORKED. When I looked in the mirror, I could barely tell that my edges had thinned at all. I was so hype about it that I texted my friends at 4am like a psychopath text-screaming in ALL CAPS “IT WORKED, IT WORKED.”

According to the Sunny Isle website (and my late great-grandmother who SWORE by it), Castor oil has many medicinal purposes including skin and haircare (which I clearly didn’t know a thing about until the YEAR 2012).

And while my problem area may have been my edges, I’ve since used JBCO more frequently as a moisturizer on my scalp and as a sealant for the ends of my hair (proactive measure to prevent split ends).

Verdict: Sunny’s Isle’s JBCO is a must buy! I highly recommend that you this product to your daily beauty routine.

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