KYI: A Line of Whole Food Beauty Products for Your Skin

KYI: A Line of Whole Food Beauty Products for Your Skin

KYI Know Your Ingredients

If we are careful to eat wholesome, natural foods that nourish the body, why wouldn’t we also want to use products on our body that are wholesome, unprocessed and healthy?

It was this line of questioning that led Samantha Addonizio to launch KYI Inc (short for ‘know your ingredients’), a line of beauty products made from ingredients in their raw or purest state. The company, which officially launched in August 2012, consists of 10 products broken down into three groups: argan oils, shea butter masks and sweet almond softening oils (above).

KYI Argan Oil

KYI Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C

KYI’s Argan Oil Serum with Vitamin C is recommended as a day moisturizer that works well on the skin, hair and nails.  The Vitamin C in the serum binds skin cells together to fight wrinkles and helps to maintain an even skin tone. Vitamin C is also an anti-oxidant that strengthens the skin barrier, thus protecting the skin from damage. 

I’ve used KYI’s argan oil as a protective base before applying make-up. I’ve noticed that when I do use the argan oil, my skin still feels moisturized once I wash it at the end of the day. But, when I don’t use the oil as a base, I’ve found that my skin is much drier and more prone to breakouts from make-up or simply just braving the elements. And, after extended use, I also noticed that my skin tone was brighter and much more even.

KYI Shea Butter

KYI Whipped Shea Butter Mask

KYI’s Whipped Shea Butter is a mask that helps minimize lines and increase your skin’s elasticity. It can be used on any part of the body (including on your hair as a conditioner). It also relieves red, sore skin from eczema and psoriasis, minimizes stretch marks and scars, including those left from acne.

I just started using this at night with the hopes that it can reduce or get rid of tiny dark spots caused by a recent stress-induced breakout. However, the word ‘mask’ may be a bit misleading, because unlike a typical mask, it doesn’t sit on top of your skin and rub off on your pillows or bedsheets. Instead, it feels more like a moisturizer and immediately absorbs right into your skin.

KYI Know Your Ingredients

KYI Sweet Almond Softening Oil

KYI’s Sweet Almond Oil is an amazing moisturizer that absorbs easily and eliminates impurities and removes dead skin cells while refining the skin’s structure and stimulating cell renewal. According to the website it’s also a good anti-inflammatory that can help ease the itching and irritation caused by psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and sunburn. 

I’ve used this oil everywhere except for my face (although it can be used there) and have also put a few drops of the Chamomile Lavender scented oil in my bath which makes it a tad bit easier for this insomniac to get a little bit of sleep at night.

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All Photos: Courtesy of KYI