Press | Lifestyle PR Girl Lists Her Top 5 Summer Essentials

Press | Lifestyle PR Girl Lists Her Top 5 Summer Essentials

“Beat the heat” may have started off as a chant in the NBA finals, but it’s clear those three words are going to become more of a personal mantra as we face some of the hottest days on record. I am no fan of those unattractively hot and muggy days when it feels like my sweat is sweating. In fact, my favorite days are when the temps are in the 70 to 75 degree range accompanied by a slight breeze. And if I’m anywhere near the ocean or a pool, the day could easily turn into a pure love fest.

But judging by recent forecasts, Mother Nature hasn’t given any #@*&s about my- or anyone else’s love fest. But alas, I’m nixing my original plan of holing up inside with central air conditioning until September and have instead decided to embrace the balmy weather and make the best of it.

Here are the summer essentials that will help keep me cool, calm and collected:


Kandi's braid bun

Kandi recently sported this braid bun to the Bravo TV upfronts.

1. Braided bun

Getting my hair braided (after not donning braids for almost 10 years) is one of the best decisions I made all year. A braided bun keeps hair off of my neck and face and minimizes my morning prep time. And it’s a chic style that works for both the boardroom and the beach!

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