Notable Quotes

Notable Quotes

I read a lot.

And as a result, I have a habit of jotting down a ton of notes so that I can reflect on them at a later time. This week, I noticed that my reading notes were starting to pile up and it was causing my OCD to flare-up so I decided to archive them this way.

Now, not only can I reference them whenever I want, you might also be able to find something interesting in either the quotes or the stories that they were pulled from.

“Not adding value is the same as taking it away.”

– Seth Godin on The Cost of Neutral

“Your pursuit of personal greatness challenges others to fear for their own causes, their own battles and pursuits. Your freedom is a reminder of their own imaginary restraints and limitations. Yet, for others, your confidence will be a beacon. People follow conviction, assertive advice and brave leaders, and there’s nothing more powerful than a confident man or woman.”

James Victore on Confidence vs. Shyness for 99u

“When we don’t use the “Power of the Ask” we are in essence saying “no” before the question has even been asked — saying no to opportunities that change our businesses, our organizations, ourselves…and actual lives. So even if it feels uncomfortable, look for even just a small way you can use the “Power of the Ask” in your network — for someone you work for, with or manage. Make this your year of the Law of Accelerating Returns.”

Deborah Mills-Scofield on The Power of Your Network for the Harvard Business Journal

“In fashion, you’ll always make more money packaging taste than lobbing grenades of genuinely new design at the world. But without innovation, taste eventually becomes arid.”

– Lisa Armstrong on Tory Burch for The Telegraph

“She’s more than a publicist. She’s a consiglieri. No one can see all of the angles like her.”

– Tina Brown on former Conde Nast PR Pro Maurie Perl for Women’s Wear Daily

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What’s on your reading list this week?