Get Rid of Your Poverty Mentality

Get Rid of Your Poverty Mentality

Poverty Mentality*:

If I give you something, it costs me what I gave you.
The more you have, the less I have.
The more I share, the more I lose.

The Difference between “If” and “And:”

I will give you this if you give me that.
I will give you this and you will do something for someone else.

We’ve been trained to subscribe to the idea of reciprocity and the 50/50 rule.
When we focus on giving, solely to receive something in return we become debt collectors.

When individuals and businesses concentrate only on the transaction, they miss the opportunity to create a real bond.

It’s no secret that Apple products are expensive. But the bond they create through customer service and having their people focus on the merchant/customer relationship makes you feel good about spending money with them. When you walk into an Apple store, you are greeted promptly and every interaction is created with you in mind. Apple’s customer service philosophy (and their great products) turns people into evangelists. When you leave, you feel good enough about the company to spread the word.

On the flip side, think about a time when you entered a store, needed help and couldn’t find anyone to assist you. And unfortunately when you did, the person told you or behaved as if this wasn’t their job.

Huge difference.

Going above and beyond to genuinely help someone is an expense of emotional labor. Doing the opposite of what we’ve been trained to believe about gifts may be difficult but the rewards are worth it.

Start today.  Give freely with no strings attached.

Stop thinking about the transaction and focus more on the bond.

*Poverty mentality concept, Difference btw if/and reference is from Linchpin by Seth Godin.