Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of Under30CEO Launches Under30Experiences

Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of Under30CEO Launches Under30Experiences

Under30Experiences Launch Party
Under30Experiences Launch Party | Source: Cara Murphy

Last night, I had the pleasure of stopping by the launch party of Under 30 Experiences, a new business started by Matt Wilson, the co-founder of Under30CEO.

The event, held at the ultra sleek Alton Lane showroon in the Flatiron district, was designed to give young entrepreneurs (or the entrepreneurially-minded) an opportunity to learn more about the new business and to encourage them to get out and see the world.

Here’s how Cesar Romero, the community manager for U30Exp describes the biz:

“Under30Experiences is not a travel company and there is no room for complainers, negativity, debbie downers, egos, etc.  Yes, we do travel, but more than traveling, Under30Experiences is a company that focuses on creating a collection of positive, educational experiences by bringing together young professionals who have an open mind, hunger for opportunity, and passion for living a customized lifestyle. Ultimately, Under30Experiences is an investment in your personal and professional development.”

Matt and his team began experimenting with the idea for Under30Exp last year and have already taken small groups to Iceland, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Later this year, they’ll be making repeat trips to all three destinations, so if you want to attend one (or all of them) you can click here to reserve your spot.

Under30CEO has been a great career resource, partner and platform  (my U30CEO article) for me over the years. Everyone at that company is great to work with and has a common goal of making themselves and the people around them better. So, I have no doubt that this new company will enrich and enhance the lives of anyone who participates.

I also love the idea of bonding and creating new experiences, friendships and possibly business opportunities while on a dream vacation. It’s a win-win scenario.

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