10 Nuggets of PR and Career #AdviceForYoungPublicists

10 Nuggets of PR and Career #AdviceForYoungPublicists

Over the last few weeks, the #AdviceForYoungJournalists (click to view tweets) hashtag has picked up steam and now has thousands of tweets with contributions from journalists all over the world. I was inspired by that and thought to launch the #AdviceForYoungPublicists hashtag to provide advice to rising or aspiring publicists.

In my frequent conversations with college students or recent grads, the need for this type of advice exchange is clear.

I kicked things off on my twitter account @MissSuccess and hope you will join me in sharing your wisdom and spreading the word about this digital initiative.

The goal is for the hashtag to spread and inspire young publicists and also serve as a way for all of us in the industry to connect with one another. So whenever something a great piece of PR or career advice crosses your mind, share it using the hashtag: #AdviceForYoungPublicists.

Here are some of the 10 best nuggets of public relations advice that have been shared so far: