20 Ways to Delight Existing Customers and Win New Ones By Adding a Personal Touch (FREE DOWNLOAD)

20 Ways to Delight Existing Customers and Win New Ones By Adding a Personal Touch (FREE DOWNLOAD)

(Credit: Pic Jumbo)
(Credit: Pic Jumbo)

Tiny gestures and personal touches can turn a prospective client or customer into a brand evangelist.

I was reminded of this simple principle a few weeks ago as I headed to LAX to catch a flight back to New York.

As I was dropping off my rental car at the airport, I met a young lady named Jazmyne who worked there. Before I could even get out the car, she asked about my hair, saying: “OMG, are you natural?” I told her that I was and she told me that she had noticed my hair as I was pulling in to the lot.

She shared a brief story about how she was beginning to transition/return her hair to its natural state and had been trying to figure out what products to use. I suggested that she try Lottabody and told her that my firm, House of Success PR, handles their PR. She spazzed and name checked a few products from the line she had heard of and I told her that I would send her some.

Once I made it back into my office the next day, I prepared a box of products for her and sent them her way.

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Soon after,  she posted the above video to Instagram, and I found so much joy in how delighted she was to share her experience.

That’s the type of reaction that most business strive for but they underestimate just how easy it is to get people talking about your product Buy Diazepam Online, service or brand.

Adding a personal touch that will delight your customers and clients is an unimpeachable strategy. One way that I add a personal touch in my business in by including a handwritten note with any package that gets sent from my office. Yes, this can start to eat into your time if you ship a high volume of packages, but it signals to the person on the receiving end that they were worthy of that time.

If you’re looking for other ideas for how you can add a personal touch to your business,download the free “personal touch” guide below.

I created it just for you.

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