| 3 Key Ingredients Glamour’s Digital Verticals Need for Independent Success | 3 Key Ingredients Glamour’s Digital Verticals Need for Independent Success

I did an interview with AdWeek regarding Glamour Magazine’s new digital verticals for beauty and relationships. Talked about why they were a smart digital idea for the print brand and even predicted what kind of vertical they’d launch next. Keep reading to learn my thoughts. 

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In an era where the publishing industry is in a constant state of restructure, publications are reducing from monthly to quarterly issues, and the push for content and video marketing continues to take precedence, appears to be moving ahead of the curve. As reported on Fashionista, Condé Nast has released two differentiated verticals separate from the Glamour site. There is Lipstick, for all of your needs concerning “beauty, hair, makeup, and nail trends” and Smitten, cheekily launched in May 2015 as a destination for “our love-hate relationship with love and relationships.”

Both verticals seem to have nailed it in terms of what readers, advertisers, and publishers are looking for in dedicated verticals. Previously, Glamour could only publish so much of each of these topics in the print and online space. With a team of writers at both verticals, there’s much more timely content that can be created and shared on beauty, love, and sex. A major +1 for readership. As for advertisers, there are more options to leave behind a maximum impact in appropriate places and provide scale for women throughout the rest of the site, explains Jeff Barish, Head of Digital Sales and Strategy at Glamour Digital.

Lipstick and Smitten might be considered spinoffs of Glamour now, but it’s entirely possible that soon they could rival their parent site in terms of site traffic and loyal readership. Are there secret ingredients to building and ensuring this kind of success? I decided to consult the real experts of the publication, Glamour fans, for answers.

Additionally, verticals represent the first touch point for new Glamour readers to not only continue visiting the sites, but to buy the magazine too, aligning with the objectives of the publication. If Lipstick and Smitten do well, don’t be surprised to see a third vertical come out of the fold devoted to the working girl. Sakita Holley, Founder and CEO of House of Success PR, points out that Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan have both been given more space in print and online for career focused content and Glamour will likely follow in those footsteps.

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