WiseBread.com | 6 Ways to Make Extra Money Using Social Media

WiseBread.com | 6 Ways to Make Extra Money Using Social Media


I did an interview with WiseBread.com, a personal finance website, about different ways you can leverage your social media following to make money online. Keep reading to see what I think!

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It’s safe to assume that if you’re not making money on social media, you’re probably just casually wasting time on it. Flip that script. Make your profiles pull in a profit with these seven tips on how to squeeze the juice from your tweets, posts, pics, and more.

Publish Sponsored Tweets or Posts
It’s always paid to be popular — you remember high school, don’t you? But these days you can turn popularity into actual dolla-dolla bills y’all if you’re one of the cool kids on social media.

“Even if you have a small audience, you can literally sign up for Sponsored Tweets right now, select the topics you’d normally talk about, and wait to be matched with advertisers for campaigns,” adds Sakita Holley, founder of House of Success, a lifestyle brand-relations firm in New York. “Or, you can work with various social media influencer/advertiser agencies that have appeared over the last few years to help you sell your influence online. You could also pitch prospective advertisers directly by cold calling, emailing, or connecting over social media.”

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