Top 5 Lifestyle Branding Stories of the Week

Top 5 Lifestyle Branding Stories of the Week

eva chen new york times
Eva Chen (Source: Casey Kelbaugh/New York Times)

Eva Chen, Trending Now at Lucky Magazine
Eva Chen, the latest editor in chief of Lucky magazine, begins many days photographing her accessories while sitting in the back of a taxi on the way from her apartment near Union Square to her large, light-filled sixth-floor office on Times Square. These pictures will be posted on Instagram, where she has 58,173 followers.
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2. A Gossip Site Finds Its Niche
While his wife and 3-year-old triplets sleep soundly, Mr. Mwangaguhunga is at his computer in his spacious TriBeCa loft, scanning photographs taken only hours earlier by paparazzi in the bars and clubs frequented by musicians, sports stars and actors. He is looking for missing wedding rings, emerging baby bumps, fresh bruises or any telling sign that will make a story.

He then sorts through dozens of e-mail tips that have come in during the wee hours, offering information on everyone from Justin Bieber to the Atlanta “Housewives.”

The lanky Mr. Mwangaguhunga (mah-WON-gah-goo-HOON-gah) is neither an obsessed fan nor a celebrity stalker; he owns and runs the Web site, and he bills it as one of the most highly trafficked African-American-centric gossip sites in the world.
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3. Tumblr Founder David Karp to Get $81 Million to Stay at Yahoo
Yahoo’s recently completed acquisition of Internet blogging service Tumblr includes an $81 million payment to Tumblr founder David Karp as long as he remains on the job for the next four years. The retention payment disclosed in a regulatory filing Thursday is part of the windfall that Karp and Tumblr investors realized by agreeing to sell the service for $1.1 billion in May.
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hyperloop tesla motors
Elon Musk reveals designs for a high-speed transit system. (Source: Tesla Motors)

4. Hyperloop: Elon Musk Reveals Designs for High-Speed Transit System
“Pulled all nighter working on Hyperloop (as did others). Hopefully, not too many mistakes.”

That tweet from Elon Musk’s personal Twitter account was today’s first inkling about a potentially revolutionary way to travel. Musk released the plans for the much-acclaimed Hyperloop, a high-speed transit system linking Los Angeles and San Francisco, on Twitter this afternoon.

Musk has described the Hyperloop as “a cross between a Concord, a rail gun and an air hockey table.” The actual plans show that his original description wasn’t too far off. He published the 57-page design plan on both Tesla Motors’s and SpaceX’s blogs as a PDF available for download.
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5. Beauty Collections Ideal for Brands Looking to Get Into the Lifestyle Game

Luxury brands seeking to expand their portfolio and spark new interest may benefit from entry-level beauty products as a way to portray the ideal branded look. Brands that offer a full, multi-faceted collection of products seem to fare better than competitors who offer a singular or smaller product line. By creating a beauty collection, to be paired with ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories a brand is able to create a larger picture for enthusiasts to emulate.
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