Travel Hacks: How to Get Paid to Travel the World

Travel Hacks: How to Get Paid to Travel the World

travel noire
Travel Noire founder Zim Ugochukwu in Ospadaletti, Italy.

Over the weekend, Travel Noire, a new blog and company that features cultivated insights from a global community of black travelers, hosted its first Google Hangout session on how to get paid to travel the world.

The session was moderated by Travel Noire founder  Zim Ugochukwu (@zimism) and included the following guests: Nicole Grimes (@geektreks) of, Quinn Russell (@travellersbazaar) of, Modupe Sonuyi (@superdupersleepy), Alphonso Jordan (@gtjumperzo) and Sonjia Mackey (@mslioness2u) of

Throughout the hour long discussion, the diverse group of travelers and professionals provided amazing insight into how they leverage their careers, paid time off, flexible schedules or their role as grad students and professors to travel the globe.

Watch Now (or Read the Transcript):

I learned so much from watching this chat and can’t wait until  you read my interview with the founder of Travel Noire, which will be posted within the next week!