W Magazine Using Interview with Kanye West to Promote Website Redesign

W Magazine Using Interview with Kanye West to Promote Website Redesign

W Magazine is launching a new website look today.
W Magazine is launching a redesigned website today. This is a before shot.

Later today, W Magazine  will post an interview with Kanye West (only his 2nd since recording Yeezus) to coincide with the launch of their newly redesigned website.

W is hoping to make lightening strike twice after seeing how West’s extensive New York Times interview went viral earlier this month.

Does this mean that they had a different launch strategy two weeks ago?

Is this interview with Kanye really the best way to promote their new website if all its going to do is pad the magazine’s day one numbers by attracting first time readers who won’t even notice the new look?

Stefano Tonchi, the magazine’s EIC, spoke with WWD about the new changes:

Stefano Tonchi said the new site privileges images over text. He looked at the sites of other fashion magazines and it seemed that navigation was driven by lists and “a lot of words.

“What’s missing out there is a Web site that can make you dream,” Tonchi said. “We gave [the designers] this briefing of creating a visual network, something that resembles a refrigerator door in your house, where there [are] a lot of things that are interesting and one goes on top of the other. We wanted to create a landing page that is a collage of images.”

I love that he says “what’s missing out there is a web site that can make you dream,” as if he’s never heard of Pinterest before. (Wait. What if he hasn’t?)

And then he goes on to say that the landing page will be a collage of images. To which I say, “Oh.”

Here’s a sneak peek of WMagazine.com’s new look:

Source: Women’s Wear Daily

I like it.