Why Sticking with Jessica Simpson is Good PR for Weight Watchers

Why Sticking with Jessica Simpson is Good PR for Weight Watchers

Jessica Simpson's Before and After
Jessica Simpson Before and After her Weight Watchers Diet


In 2011, Jessica Simpson signed a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to become a spokesperson for the weight loss company.

The deal, signed at the tail end of her first pregnancy seemed like a coup for both parties as she would be working on losing the baby weight during the time of the contract anyway, so there was almost a guarantee that she’d have positive results while using their diet program.

Which is why it seemed strange when rumors started to fly that executives at Weight Watchers weren’t too happy to learn that the star was unexpectedly pregnant with her second child.

Simpson, who had only recently revealed her new figure and 60 pound weight loss (see photo) was gearing up for a number of events and appearances to promote the Weight Watchers program when her second pregnancy was announced.

Even though the rumors seemed unfounded, Weight Watchers inadvertently gave them credibility when they didn’t immediately rush to defend their newest spokesperson.

Had they squashed the rumors with a brief statement or tweet right away, it would have been a much smaller news story.

They’ve since released an official statement and a branded commercial in which Simpson announces her pregnancy (click here to watch).

 “There have been no changes to our business agreement with Jessica,” a representative for Weight Watchers told ABC News. “Jessica’s successful weight loss prior to becoming pregnant will be featured in Weight Watchers’ new ‘Expect Amazing’ advertising campaign, including a spot with her sharing the happy news.”

I think it’s super smart that Weight Watchers decided to keep Jessica Simpson on board as their spokesperson. Had they decided to drop her it would have sent the wrong message to their core audience, that the company’s diet program isn’t compatible with a woman’s constantly evolving life changes.

It makes sense for them to align themselves with famous women who are relatable and going through the exact same things that a lot of their members are. Had they decided to let her go, the decision would have been met with a ton of backlash and bad PR and would have probably caused a lot of their consumers to switch to a competing brand.

Making the wrong move would have eroded a lot of the brand equity they’ve been able to gain over the last few years with the success of their partnership with actress and singer Jennifer Hudson.

Speaking of Hudson, watch the new ‘Expect Amazing’ spot that features both stars:

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