Wendy Brandes Jewelry Celebrates Year One with House of Success

Wendy Brandes Jewelry Celebrates Year One with House of Success

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Raised a glass with my client Wendy Brandes to celebrate year one!

Having your own business is like being enrolled in an insanely fast-paced Master class. And in the two-and-a-half years since I left the corporate world and launched House of Success I’ve learned more life lessons than an octogenarian.

One of those lessons is that having clients that count is better than simply counting clients. So if that means that my business grows slower because I only want to work with brands that I believe in and people that I have a good rapport with, then so be it.

Yesterday, I celebrated the one year anniversary of Wendy Brandes Jewelry being with the firm. Wendy Brandes is one of the most underrated fine jewelry designers in the game right now and it has been an absolute pleasure working this closely with her.

Over the last year, we’ve had some really good moments.

Like being covered on Style.com and in the British and French editions of Vogue Magazine, getting love on the trade side from JCK and National Jeweler, seeing Rihanna and Shontelle wearing her designs, successfully battling all of the copycats and WBJ knock-offs that have popped up and finally getting the recognition she deserves as a thought leader in the luxury space for her success with e-commerce, blogging and social media.

I’m excited to see what year two brings!

H/t to my friend Tracylee for making the initial introduction.

Featured Photo: Wendy Brandes Frog and Prince Maneater Ring 

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