10 Ways to Use Pinterest to Curate the Life You’ve Always Wanted

10 Ways to Use Pinterest to Curate the Life You’ve Always Wanted

It’s no secret. We all know that the vision board you so lovingly created over brunch earlier this year is inconveniently stuffed in the back of your closet. Or worse, it took a trip to the dumpster with the rest of your spring/summer cleaning.

Now, it’s fall again, and the anxiety of getting your priorities in order before the new year is weighing heavily on your mind. Luckily there’s Pinterest, a little website that allows you to curate (or pin) images from around the web to your own personal boards.

Use Pinterest to plan your next vacation, post your holiday wish list, or even your daily to-dos, all without the hassle (or clean-up) of ripped magazine images, construction paper, and glue.

10 Ways You Can Use Pinterest:

  1. Personal vision board
  2. Plan your next vacation
  3. Make a holiday wish list and encourage loved ones to pin photos of items that they want to your board
  4. Create a visual to-do list
  5. Find inspiration to plan next season’s wardrobe
  6. Make a list of all of the books you’ve read this year (Click to read my recommendations)
  7. Find a theme for your best friend’s birthday party
  8. Create a visual shrine to your favorite products
  9. Pin inspiration for a room redecoration
  10. Organize and share the things you love