The Art of Lifestyle Branding: Jonathan Adler Decorates the Market

The Art of Lifestyle Branding: Jonathan Adler Decorates the Market

by DeAnne Bradley

Over the last few months there have been reports that well-known organizations such as Liz ClaiborneJ.C. Penney and individuals like Nicole Miller are grappling with the reality that the marketplace has changed and that they must also adapt in order to survive and compete.

And while branching out of your comfort zone would be a scary scenario for most people, one person who has never seemed to have this problem with their brand is revered interior designer Jonathan Adler.

jonathan adler on building a lifestyle brand

Adler once said:

“There is nothing more satisfying than artistic expression and not having to ask anybody’s permission to create something.”

That mantra is probably why he has been a staple in the design industry for decades.

Another reason why Adler continues to be a mainstay is his ability to strategically launch designer collaborations with brands in other industries without tainting his own.

In addition to his home decor line on HSN, Adler has allowed his name to grace a coterie of products such as Cottonelle toilet paper coversSkip Hop diaper bags, Cashmere Peace hot water bottles, Seven for all Mankind jeans and even Barbie’s dream house.

And in the video below (start at :50) Adler says that all he’s ever wanted to do was to ‘be creative, and have a platform that allowed him to make whatever entered his head.’


In many cases, one could argue that ‘being everywhere at once’ may eventually lead to brand oversaturation, but so far Adler has masterfully avoided that fate while also creating an eponymous lifestyle empire that seemingly has no limits.

This guest post was written by PR Consultant DeAnne Bradley. You can follow her on Twitter @DeejBradley.