Podcast: 5 Things You Should Know About Brand Partnerships

Podcast: 5 Things You Should Know About Brand Partnerships

The topics covered on this episode will provide some key insights and hopefully answer any initial questions you may have about securing brand partnerships or extending the brand relationships you already have. 

My hope is that I can get you to think differently and strategically about how YOU, yes, YOU, can work or collaborate with brands even if you don’t have a blog or a huge following on social media. 

Working with and pitching brands is one of my favorite topics to discuss because of the unique vantage point I have as a publicist and a creative. I get to see both sides of the coin and know what works and what absolutely will not fly. Another reason why I just can’t stop talking about this topic is because there are so many people who get these interactions wrong every day. 

The 5 things you’ll learn about working with brands on this episode are: 

  1. Why you don’t need to be a blogger or influencer to work with brands
  2. Why you do not have to, and shouldn’t, wait for brands to come to you 
  3. The importance of building and nurturing your professional relationships before, during and after a collaboration
  4. Ways in which you can deliver or over deliver when you do get an opportunity to work with a brand
  5. Why it’s time to think beyond the “product review” 

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