Biz Lessons From the Lacrosse Field: Be Really Wrong

Biz Lessons From the Lacrosse Field: Be Really Wrong

HS Lacrosse Stats From Last Week's Paper. I'm Still Ranked in the Top 3.
Was surprised to see my name in last week’s paper!

“If you’re going to be wrong, be really wrong.”

That’s the advice I would get from my college lacrosse coach whenever I hesitated during practice. I learned so many great lessons throughout my years of playing lacrosse but this is one of the ones that I always go back to for a number of reasons.

“Be really wrong,” gave me permission to fail and make mistakes which in turn always pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me try new things on- and off the field. If you get content with staying in the position you’re in today or at the same level, you’ll never grow or have the ability to add value in any significant way.

Another reason why “be really wrong” resonates is because there’s always a 50 percent chance that whatever you’re attempting is going to work out. But if you hesitate and quit before you’ve made an effort you’ll never know if you could have succeeded.

The limits are in your mind.

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