Should Business Execs Participate in Twitter Chats?

Should Business Execs Participate in Twitter Chats?

Participating in twitter chats is a great way to test your knowledge, enhance your skill set and network with other professionals. If you think there’s nothing out there for you, think again. There is a chat for every imaginable topic, and if you still don’t find one that you like, feel free to create your own. Not convinced?

Here are 10 reasons why you should participate in your industry twitter chats:

1. It’s like attending a panel discussion or workshop at your favorite conference
Participating in twitter chats within your industry or one that you have an interest in is a great way to learn fast. You’ll see professionals at all levels in their career tweeting about trends of the day, industry nuances or the occasional rant.

2. Great networking without the pressures of networking
In the digital world, it’s a lot easier to “walk” up to a stranger and say “Hey, how ya doing.” And no matter the topic or chat, you’ll always be in good company and it’s (almost) never awkward.

3. FREE advice from some of your industry’s most recognized names
Some chats, like #blogchat or #luxurychat feature guest tweeters such as the founder of or the global president of Ritz Carlton, respectively. Guest tweeters are usually high profile tweeps and may or may not be as accessible or willing to engage on any other day. Catching up with them in a twitter chat is a great way to pick their brain, learn more about their work/life or just sit back and listen.

4. New business opportunities
Chats that have been around for a year or more are starting to attract the attention of sponsors (Ex: #Journchat/Cision).  On an individual level participation can increase your visibility and begin the process of turning contacts into contracts for speaking engagements, mini projects or an actual job offer.

5. Builds community
Chats are a great way to e-meet like-minded people. If you participate consistently, you’ll probably pick up a few new followers every week.

6. Provides actionable tips that you can implement immediately
always learn something new. Sometimes it’s about the industry, a person or a technique, either way I never leave empty-handed. Chats that are during business hours really come in handy because you can start implementing some of what you’ve learned or spreading the message around your office.

7. School your audience
Your followers can benefit from your participation.

8. Be the first to know
Chats are a great place to learn about or predict the next big trend in your industry.

9. Weekly focus group
Be quiet. Listen and take notes. Let the experts work up a sweat this week.

10. Allows you to practice what you preach
If you are prescribing social media strategies to any of your clients you need to be out there walking the walk.

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