H+S Biz Tip #258: Choose to Be the Best or Choose to Be Invisible

H+S Biz Tip #258: Choose to Be the Best or Choose to Be Invisible

In his book The Dip Seth Godin wrote, “People think that being average is safe, but it’s not. It’s invisible.”

Nobody ever remembers the people that play it safe. Nobody ever remembers the ones whose work was just good enough.

If you want to be talked about or remembered, you’ll need to either be the best or the worst of the bunch. If those were your only options, wouldn’t you choose greatness?

Life is not a dress rehearsal. We only get one shot. How much time have you wasted by not doing your best work?

It’s not too late to turn things around. Take back the control and responsibility for your actions and stop looking to place the blame for your half-assed approach on someone or something else.

From this moment forward pursue excellence in all that you do. Take pride in all tasks, as each moment provides an opportunity to do your best.

Doing your best may mean rereading an e-mail one more time before you hit send. Or staying late to practice a pitch for next week’s new business presentation. Live as if your life depends on being excellent during the little moments.

Choose to be the best. Or, choose to be invisible.

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