Deskside Beauty: The 6 Best Cosmetic Bags Under $60

Deskside Beauty: The 6 Best Cosmetic Bags Under $60

No two days are ever the same at House of Success. I have to always be ready for anything from last minute meeting requests (via Skype!) to impromptu media opportunities.

While we all know how important it is to always look your best, it’s a lot easier when you have a few beauty essentials within arm’s reach that you can grab to enhance or polish your look on the go.

I learned about the importance of keeping an emergency beauty bag the hard way.

One day when I was rushing out for a client meeting, I grabbed my go-to handbag, the one that already had a pair of heels to change into in it, and dashed to catch the train. It wasn’t until after I swiped my metro card and walked down the train platform that I realized that not only was I missing an earring that I removed earlier in the day while on a conference call, but I also hadn’t applied any make up that morning.

I thought about saying YOLO for a quick second and just going with it, but knowing better, I ran back to the office to get what I needed and ended up being late for my meeting (for the record, I HATE being late).

Now, I try to keep all of my essentials close by to avoid future close calls; I even double up on some of my favorite beauty products (lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadow, etc) and keep an extra set of stud earrings in a pouch that I can grab and throw in my bag when needed.

Do you keep an emergency beauty bag at the office?

If not, here are six super stylish options under $60 for you to try:

Jonathan Adler 'Take a Trip' Pouch 

1. Jonathan Adler ‘Take a Trip’ Pouch – $48.00 | BUY NOW

Levtex 'Adorbs' Accessory Bag

2. Levtex ‘Adorbs’ Zip Top Accessory Bag – $16.00 | BUY NOW


3. Kate Spade ‘Play the Field’ Gia Pouch – $54.00 | BUY NOW

Herschel Supply Co.

4. Herschel Supply Co. Field Pouch – $24.99 | BUY NOW

SOHO Chevron Cosmetic Bag

5. SOHO Chevron Cosmetic Bag – $19.99 | BUY NOW


6. Thursday Friday Octopus Clutch – $45.00 | BUY NOW