Lottabody Selects House of Success for PR

Lottabody Selects House of Success for PR

I am thrilled to announce that House of Success, my lifestyle PR firm, has added Lottabody, a Colomer brand under the Revlon umbrella, to its diverse client roster; adding to a beauty category that also includes Heat Free Hair.

For more than 40 years, Lottabody has provided hair care and styling product solutions for both consumers and industry professionals. This year, the brand will usher in an exciting new era with the introduction of a new line of styling products (see above) created to meet the unique needs of women with relaxed, natural or multi-textured hair. The product launch will be the first for Lottabody in more than a decade.

It’s an exciting time to be working with this heritage brand. They’ve really studied the market and answered the call from consumers for products with more natural ingredients and we can’t wait to get the new line into women’s hands and begin to have a dialogue with them about the brand.

“Lottabody is in a unique position in that its been around for years, but we’ve given the brand a refresh and are gearing up for the launch of our new style collection,” said Shawn Tollerson, Vice President of Multicultural Marketing at Revlon Pro. “We needed a PR partner who understands the market and could tell our new story to the next generation of Lottabody enthusiasts. That’s why we selected House of Success.”

House of Success will execute a strategic communications campaign that will include media relations, celebrity seeding, product placement, social media management and more in an effort to increase awareness of- and consumer engagement with Lottabody products.

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