How to Use the #PowerHour Method to Get More Done [Podcast Ep. 14]

How to Use the #PowerHour Method to Get More Done [Podcast Ep. 14]

Whenever I get overwhelmed with work or want to make headway on a specific project or task, I deliberately schedule a #PowerHour on my calendar. Designating some time to be fully present and give my undivided attention to one thing has done wonders for my productivity.

The #PowerHour method is something that is designed to be guilt- and pressure free in the sense that even if you don’t get to a state of completion on the task at hand, you will have made some progress after the 60 minutes. And, if 60 minutes seems like a lot of time, there’s no rule that says you can change it up and do a power 1/2 hour or any other increment of time that works better for you.hourglass

On this episode, I also introduce a new segment called ‘PR Problems,’ where I discuss a celebrity or company who is in the news with a PR crisis or problem and I prescribe a solution for how they can navigate their way through it.

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Insights + Takeaways:

  • What is a #PowerHour? (starts at :40)
  • How do I do a #PowerHour? (starts at 1:12)
  • [NEW!] PR Problems Segment: Why I’m concerned that Beyoncé may try to release her new album on Tidal. (starts at 4:40)

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