PR Notes: Old Rules vs. New Rules

PR Notes: Old Rules vs. New Rules

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My handwritten notes.

I have a good (or bad, depending on who you ask) habit of writing down my thoughts on everything. My desk and bookshelves are littered with stacks and folders of my notes.

This weekend as I was cleaning up I found the note above which featured some thinking about the old and new rules of PR and branding.

I’m not 100 percent sure what the inspiration was behind this but I do believe I jotted these notes down while I was reading an interview with advertising legend Alex Bogusky in Debbie Millman’s book Brand Thinking: And Other Noble Pursuits which, by the way was awesome.

brand thinking debbie millman

I haven’t made my mind up about whether or not I agree with everything on the list, but I wanted to share them here because this is something we should be thinking about as the industry continues to evolve.

Old Rules vs. New Rules

Consistency vs. Surprise
Endorsement vs. Cultural Relevance and Buzz
Investment as Currency vs. Ideas as Currency
Announcement vs. Conversation
News in the Pipeline vs. News IS the Pipeline
Retail is the Opportunity of Branding vs. Retail IS Branding
The Medium Dictates the Ideas vs. Ideas Find a Medium