WhoWhatWear Beauty Relaunches as Byrdie.com

WhoWhatWear Beauty Relaunches as Byrdie.com

WWW/Byrdie Team
The WWW-Byrdie Team (l to r)
Katherine Power, Britt Aboutaleb, Hillary Kerr


I first noticed the name change on Instagram, when I saw a photo from what I thought was a rogue user named Byrdie.

Upon further examination I learned that WhoWhatWear Beauty, which launched almost two years ago, was rebranding as a standalone site named Byrdie Beauty.

Byrdie went live yesterday and it is gorgeous!

Byrdie joins Who What Wear, a celeb focused fashion website which launched in 2006, and the shelter site Domaine, on Clique Media’s roster.


Here’s how Clique Media co-founder Hillary Kerr described the new site:

“We didn’t see anything that came from a strong editorial point of view that really reported out, but still encompassed the fun trends that aren’t as editorially driven — like street style. “[There are] not a lot of great sites for beauty out there, and not a lot that cover celebrity beauty — which is our secret sauce, that seems like a big open space.”

WWD reports that WhoWhatWear and Domaine see a combined 23 million page views per month. So relaunching their beauty vertical as a standalone property seems like a viable strategy.

My only hope is that they include a little diversity in their beauty coverage because right now their content is looking pretttttty vanilla.