Why and Where You Should Blog About Your Business [Podcast]

Why and Where You Should Blog About Your Business [Podcast]

If you’re not already blogging about your brand or business, you should be.

In this episode, I talk about the common excuses entrepreneurs and creatives give for not blogging, the benefits of using blogging to become a thought leader in your industry and the many platform options that exist that make it super easy for you to share your first post today!

Insights + Takeaways:

  • Why I started SakitaHolley.com which eventually evolved into HashtagsandStilettos.com.
  • Excuses creatives give for not blogging (some of these may sound familiar to you).
  • 7 Benefits of blogging about your business.
  • 8 Different platforms where you can host your blog, including some that are so simple you could compose and share your first post today!

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