Beauty Spoon: Keeping Your Products Good Till the Last Drop

Beauty Spoon: Keeping Your Products Good Till the Last Drop

Beauty Spoon Dishing It Out

beauty spoon

For some reason, whenever I need to wash my hair, I end up doing it late at night.

On this particular night, about a week ago, I gathered all of my products and placed them near the sink when I discovered that I only had a little bit of shampoo left and by then, all of the beauty supply shops had closed.

So I did what I’d normally do in this situation. I started banging the bottle against the countertop in an effort to coax the remaining cream out of the bottle. About three or four bangs into this process I remembered that I had a Beauty Spoon stashed somewhere in my closet.

The Beauty Spoon (picture above) is a long spatula-like tool with an ergonomic handle, flexible stem and contoured spoon that makes it easier to retrieve those last bits of stubborn liquid and cream that are usually trapped along the sides and the bottom of a product jar or bottle.

This was my second or third time using the beauty spoon and once again, it saved the day-err, night. I’ll definitely be using it again the next time I’m in a jam because saving money while also preserving my favorite products will always be a win-win situation in my book!