How To Turn Your Online Connections Into Real-Life Business Relationships

How To Turn Your Online Connections Into Real-Life Business Relationships

turn online connections into business relationships
What would happen to your “friends” if your fave social media network disappeared tomorrow?

Before Skype there were telephone chat lines. Before Facebook there were online forums and chat rooms. And before Twitter there was AOL instant messenger.

Each of these communication channels served a specific purpose. And each also had a group of like-minded people who congregated there. When one of these sites/channels fizzles out, do you bother to take your friends/followers with you?

Offline, we’ve all left friends behind. Sometimes, it was through our own personal growth or a more deliberate choice after an argument or falling out that never got settled. However, on the social web, the choice, may not always be ours to make.

For example…

…what if Twitter shut down overnight while you were sleeping? What would happen to the “friends” that you ONLY talk to on Twitter? The ones that you just can’t wait to meet in person. Or, the ones who you’ve been direct messaging for months about a new business development? Unfortunately, you may never speak to them again.

To avoid the web version of the Bermuda Triangle, learn how to leverage your best online connections.

How do you turn online connections into real-life friendships and/or business partnerships? 

First, you’ll need to identify like-minded individuals that you’d want to connect with offline. This shouldn’t be difficult because, as you were reading, I’m sure you were also thinking of a few people that you don’t want to lose touch with.

Second, you’ll need to find an alternate way to contact them. It may seem simple, but in the spirit of optimism we’ll often neglect to get someone’s personal contact info because we assume that Twitter or any other social platform will still be there tomorrow.

Third, reach out to them. There are few things worse then having a great first encounter with someone only to never follow-up as you promised. Don’t delay. Assume that time isn’t on your side. Give them a call, or send a note and start working on building the relationship.

Start right now. If you would like to connect with me about this topic or others, comment below (or email me). If you had someone else in mind, then print this out and use it as a reminder to get in touch.

GO! Do it now.

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