Skincare for Bae? Try Beau by Belle Butters, a New Line of Multi-Use Skincare Solutions For Men

Skincare for Bae? Try Beau by Belle Butters, a New Line of Multi-Use Skincare Solutions For Men

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Tasha Burton, the founder of Belle Butters, an amazing line of handmade beauty products with all-natural ingredients has partnered with Tuff Magazine EIC Charles Wade on Beau by Belle Butters, a new line of multi-use skincare solutions for men.

Knowing that many men view the idea of developing a skincare regimen or shopping for skincare products as a daunting task, Charles wanted to create a range of products that eliminated the guess work and inspired men to stop neglecting their skin. He initially mentioned the idea of doing a men’s line to Tasha a few years ago, but due to timing, they weren’t able to bring their vision to life until now. 

Beau Balm, the first product in the collection, launched May 15th and has a number of functional uses that should easily make it a staple in every man’s medicine cabinet.

Beau Balm Can Be Used:

  • On the face, body, beard and hair;
  • As a pre- or post shave treatment;
  • As a facial cleanser;
  • To improve the texture and tone of your skin; and
  • To improve the overall health of hair/beard.

Video showing the consistency of #BeauBalm on Instagram.

According to Tasha, the standout ingredient in Beau Balm is abyssinian oil, an oil native to Ethiopia that is one of only a few oils with a high percentage of omega fatty acid 9, which means “skin will be softer, hair will feel more conditioned and you’ll see an improvement to the texture and tone of your skin.” Other ingredients include: avocado butter, mango butter, cherry kernel oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and vitamin E.

The initial texture of the balm is firm, but as you can see in the video above, it immediately emulsifies when it comes into contact with skin.

A 4oz jar of Beau Balm is $22, but if you make a purchase by May 30th, you’ll receive an introductory rate of 15% off (Buy two!).

If you want to purchase Beau Balm as a Father’s Day gift, place your order by May 30th to receive it in time for the holiday.

To learn more about Beau by Belle Butters, follow @BelleButters and @AkaCharlesWade on twitter.

*Beau Balm was created with men in mind, but it can also be used by women as a makeup remover, moisturizer and  facial cleanser. 

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