Big (Heat-Free) Hair and Brunch in Brooklyn

Big (Heat-Free) Hair and Brunch in Brooklyn

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Heat Free Hair’s Ngozi Opara and Alexandra Elle from The Good Hair Blog. (Photo: @Lucky_Peters)

Last weekend, I attended the Big Hair and Brunch event in Brooklyn that was hosted by Heat-Free Hair founder Ngozi Opara (@HeatFreeHair) and Alex Elle (@AisforAlex) from The Good Hair Blog.

I’ve been following the journey and progress of Heat-Free Hair since the company launched last December and couldn’t wait to meet up with Ngozi to learn more about the business. Luckily, I was able to pull her away from the crowd for a few minutes to do an interview that will surely inspire other entrepreneurs and those who may be thinking about starting a business.

We also spent a few minutes talking about the inspiration behind the Big Hair and Brunch event and here’s what Ngozi had to say about that:

“Big Hair and Brunch is actually an idea that Alex came up with. I’ve known her for about 13 years and I’ve had a chance to watch her grow and be successful. We had been thinking about doing an event series together for a long time, so when she created Big Hair and Brunch in D.C. I asked if she wanted to do something similar with me in New York and here we are.

We’re definitely thinking about taking this on the road after New York.

But the goal for the event isn’t necessarily just to promote our businesses…it’s all about creating good vibes and having women come out to enjoy themselves, relax,  acknowledge- and love on one another and to celebrate all of this beautiful hair that’s in the building.”

If you think that’s a refreshing perspective on why to throw an event, just wait until you read my full interview with Ngozi later this week. In it she drops gems on how she launched her business, overcoming obstacles and why staying positive is the key to success.

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