Podcast: Answering Your Questions About Brand Partnerships

Podcast: Answering Your Questions About Brand Partnerships


On this episode, I​ answer 10 listener questions about how to navigate the waters of brand partnerships.

​I draw from my own experience of having been on both ​sides of the coin, as someone who has successfully pitched for partnerships for my personal ventures and as a PR agency own who facilitates partnerships on behalf of our clients.

​Questions Answered on This Episode:

​1. What Do I Need to Start Doing to Become an Authority in My Industry? (1:30)

2. How Do You Show a Company Your Value With Low Social Media or Website Engagement? (5:40)

3. Is Having a Media Kit Necessary? (8:33)

4. Do You Recommend Seeking Out Local Brands or National Brands for Partnerships? (11:16)

5. A Brand Turned Me Down for a Project, When Should I Reach Back Out to Them? (14:28)

6. How Do I Introduce Myself to a Brand? (17:08)

7. What Can I Do to Establish Myself as an Influencer to Brands? (19:36)

8. Do I Need to Pitch My Full Ideas in the Introductory Pitch Email? (23:34)

9. At What Point During the Pitch Process Should I Bring Up Money? (26:23)

10. When Starting a New Podcast or Project, When Should You Seek Out Sponsorship? (29:53)

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