Warby Parker’s Excellent Customer Service Strategy

Warby Parker’s Excellent Customer Service Strategy

Every afternoon the Warby Parker customer service team creates custom video responses to queries, questions and complaints posted by its customers on various social media platforms. And, I knew about this. But I still got that warm and fuzzy feeling when I saw that they created a video just for me.

You see, I’ve been following the Warby Parker brand for over a year now and even wrote about them being a ‘brand to watch’ on my old website. And as a life-long wearer of glasses, I had been singing their praises long before I actually became a customer.

Last month, I purchased my first pair of Warby Parker frames:

Warby Parker
Zagg Tennessee Whiskey Frames

And after a few weeks of wearing them, I discovered that the only bad thing  about them is that they smudge. So, I tweeted about it:

Only downside to my @ frames is that they smudge. A lot. 🙁
Sakita Holley

Not because I wanted to rock the boat and/or make Warby Parker look bad. But, because I felt like I needed to be honest with my audience just in case they were thinking about making a WP purchase based on the parade of positive comments I’ve made about the company in the past.

In fact, after I tweeted about it, it slipped my mind…until this happened:

@ We're sorry about the inconvenience, Sakita! http://t.co/N5DVkQvW #warbyvision
Warby Parker

Creating personalized videos in a world where many brands choose to ignore or distance themselves from consumers will always be a winning strategy. Not only does it reaffirm why the consumer purchased goods or services in the first place, it is also a great way to build brand equity with people who may not have considered buying from the company before. But after seeing the personal attention that their friends or loved ones received, they may have a change of heart.