Be Thankful for Today!

Be Thankful for Today!

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There are a million reasons why we should say thank you. But unfortunately, we don’t say it enough.

Go out of your way to thank someone today. You can just use those two familiar words or you can really go into how they’ve impacted your life.

I prefer the latter.

We’re all moving so fast and tend to think we’ll have time to acknowledge a good deed, joke, gift or lesson at a later time. But the only guarantee we have is this moment we are living right now.

Fill yourself up with emotion today and let someone know how you really feel. I’ve been told that sometimes I say thank you too much…but I don’t know any other way.

I appreciate everything.  From the lessons on what not to do to the jokes that lead to belly aching, knee slapping, tear jerking laughter. I appreciate you for reading this right now and I invite you to celebrate this moment.

Thank you.

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