3 Ways to Discover and Fine Tune Your Personal Social Media Engagement Strategy

3 Ways to Discover and Fine Tune Your Personal Social Media Engagement Strategy

Credit: Blend Images - Peathegee Inc.
Credit: Blend Images – Peathegee Inc

by: Melissa Kimble

One of my favorite aspects about social media is its ability to give anyone a platform. As a result, most people make the mistake of thinking that just being on social media is enough; but, it’s only the first step.

The key to fully leveraging your social media presence is adding your unique perspective and voice to conversations, issues, and content through social media engagement.

Engagement is the interaction you create with others on social media to build relationships. While you may think that sharing your own thoughts is enough, you cannot truly thrive in the digital space unless you are connecting with others.

Here are a few quick tips to help you discover and fine tune your approach to social media:

1. Answer the Question: What Is My Purpose Here?
Of course we are multi-faceted and have many different aspects of life to share but as with anything else that you want to grow, there has to be a goal in mind. Are you using social media strictly for entertainment purposes? Looking for professional opportunities? Keeping up with the latest trends in a particular industry? Connecting with others in your field or industry insiders?

Defining your purpose can help keep you consistent in your delivery. Use your purpose to help filter what type of content you share, who you follow, and the conversations you partake in online.

2. Do a Timeline Test.
Try, what I like to call, the timeline test. If someone visited your channels and looked at your past eleven posts or so, would they get an idea of who you are or what you’re about? If not, it’s time to be more intentional about what you share on social media.

3. Shine In Your Strengths.
Once you’ve performed your  timeline test, pinpoint the posts that really represent who you are and those that triggered responses.

Your strengths that you display offline should also carry over to your online space. Are you always picking the best movie or new show to watch? Do you find the best hidden places to shop? Are you an amazing public speaker who has great words of wisdom to share? Have a new collaboration that you’ve finally completed? Make sure your audience gets to see how charming, thoughtful, insightful, and witty you are.

Create your platform, connect with others, and set your intentions to ensure that your presence on social media is one that is hard to miss.

Melissa Kimble is the founder of Kimble Communications and My Creative Connection. Connect with her on Twitter: @Melissa_Kimble and follow the #mkreads hashtag to find insight into all things creative.